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The desire to be loved, confident and open to new achievements are the key motivators in the work of the designer ELENA BURENINA.

ELENA BURENINA is a fashion brand founded in 2006.
The brand concept is based on the formula of enriched minimalism and deconstruction.

The unique balance between crisp silhouettes and sexuality gives the brand the necessary energy and freedom. The opposition of the past and the future, male and female, strength and softness, structure and fluidity – embodies the characteristic sensuality and ease in the work of the designer.

There is a lot of hidden meaning in clothes from ELENA BURENINA and the desire to learn it is one of the key features of the interaction of the designer with a client.

ELENA BURENINA is above all a premium quality product with a special attention to detail. The looks are distinguished by exceptional materials and subtle yet vibrant accents.

ELENA BURENINA promotes traditional craftsmanship as opposed to mass production. This allows for unsurpassed quality, distinctive design style and convenience. The designer always strives to achieve excellence in every work she does.

Thanks to a special balance of professionalism and delicate design flair, clothes from ELENA BURENINA favorably emphasize the dignity of a person, as if showing his essence. ELENA BURENINA is luxury, in which a person sees his ideal.

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